Why Should I Use Neurofeedback?

Clients typically find NeurOptimal® neurofeedback effective in resolving issues in five general categories:
1) Physical, Cognitive and Emotional challenge
Adults and children have used NeurOptimal® to help with sleep management, improve mental acuity, assist with focus and concentration, manage stress and performance anxiety, and contributes to general wellness.
2) Slowing the Effects of Brain Aging
Just as physical exercise helps the body be in better shape, NeurOptimal® keeps the brain fit and resilient.  In addition to healthy lifestyle choices, neurofeedback can help improve memory, recall, and increase overall cognitive agility in older individuals.
3) Improved Academic Performance
Neurofeedback training can enhance concentration and mental focus, therefore, students often use NeurOptimal® as a tool to improve their performance in school.
4) Peak Physical/Artistic Performance
Neurofeedback is being increasingly used by Olympic and professional athletes and performing artists to provide that critical mental edge that assists them in excelling in their chosen field.  Used by business executives as well as sports people, musicians, artists and writers. It can reduce sports and performance anxiety. Some people have reported that NeurOptimal® helps them to enter and remain in the flow/zone.
5) General Wellness
NeurOptimal® assists us in improving our mental outlook by enhancing our ability to respond to life’s challenges with increased ease and resilience.  Some users find that NeurOptimal® enhances the results of their meditation and spiritual practice
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