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This contract is between Kimberly Muzzi@ 80 O'connor Lane; Guelph Ontario and:
Purpose: This rental is to provide the borrower with a Personal NeurOptimal® system that will permit the borrower to provide NeurOptimal® Sessions to him/herself, family and friends. The renter may share the costs and use of this equipment with another, but the person signing this form accepts full responsibility for the safety and return of the equipment.
Duration: This loan is for a period of one month from ___________ to ___________ . However, the lender reserves the right to request return of the equipment at any time. In such an event, the borrower will be refunded the unused number of days. If the borrower wishes to return the equipment prior to completion of the contract there will be no refund for unused time.
Cost: $500 for 20 sessions. No more than two sessions in a day per user. Fees are due prior to delivery. Acceptable forms of payment are: Credit card
If lender returns the system after the due date, the lender can, at its discretion, charge a rate of $50 per day rental for time overdue. Failure to return the equipment within 15 days following the termination of this contract will result in the borrower’s credit card being charged at Zengar’s Personal pricing (currently $5500US) as payment in full for the system. At this point the borrower becomes a full legal owner of the license and equipment with all privileges there to. These fees are separate and additional to the contracted rental rates above.
Limitations: The borrower may not generate income as a result of providing NeurOptimal® sessions with this equipment.
Care of Equipment: The equipment listed below is being rented out by the lender and remains the property of the lender. The borrower accepts personal responsibility for the care of the equipment at all times. Borrower will connect with Kimberly Muzzi @ Serenity-now at the owner’s request if needed to troubleshoot the system, license for additional sessions and so forth. There will be no charge for this service. No alterations, work or additions may be made to the computer at any time except by Zengar Institute technical staff. Should technical problems arise as a result of additional software or hardware being installed, Zengar will revert the system to is original state and the borrower will be charged at Zengar’s usual billing rate for this service. In the event of damage, theft or loss, the lender must be notified immediately. Compensation for lost, damaged or stolen equipment is the responsibility of the borrower and therefore insurance for the equipment is the purview of the borrower. Value of this system: $5500US (sensor set alone $150US).
Responsible for: 
1 LAPTOP with power supply Serial # _______________________
1 zAmp with 15’ USB cable Serial # __________________
Sensors 1 set, solid silver &  Headset
Notes/Addendum: _________________________________
I agree to the terms and conditions set forth above, and my credit card being charged according to the said terms, should that be necessary.
Name on Card: ________________________________________
Expiry: ___________________________
Driver License: _________________________
Address if different then above __________________________________________
Lender Signature: ___________________ Date: ____________________________
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