What is needed for Remote/Digitial version: 
  • Internet access to the app
  • Access to app (Unyte-iLs app) that can be downloaded on any device.
  • Recommended headphones - click here **ILS is very clear that ear buds, on ear or noise canceling headphones are not recommended (Note - newer iphones may may need an iPhone Dongle Headphone Adapter)
  • IN GUELPH - I can lend-out earphones (and adapter) available for a refundable $75 deposit. (Cleaned and sanitized)
Unyte Ils app picture.jpg
Children need to have an active care-giver present through the process
Clinician can create and manage accounts through the app. We are able to view, track and access the process.  
During the intake appointment, the clinician will discuss how the technology works, expectations and logistics. Remote delivery is 30 minutes each day (10 days), based on client’s presenting concerns and their tolerance.  
NOTE - Not every client is a candidate for remote facilitation. For anyone over the age of 13 years old, may need the personal presence, direction and guidance of a skilled therapist for safety and best results. 
Characteristics of a client who would not be appropriate for remote delivery: 
  • Engages in self-injury behaviors
  • Experiences suicidal thoughts/ideation
  • Has recently started or changed type/dosage of a psychiatric medication
  • Recently suffered a head injury or experiences significant medical instability
  • Experienced a recent major destabilizing personal life event (divorce, death, job loss, etc.)
  • Lives in an unstable/difficult household 
  • Is currently experiencing seizures
  • Has a history of significant trauma
People experiencing any of the above will be best served by working one-on-one in person with a skilled therapist.
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