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Rainbow Eagle

I am very grateful and honored to have connected with ‘Rainbow Eagle’ through my own healing journey over the past few years.

He has travelled around the world to share the stories he has learned from his Elders and the Star People.

He has written his 4th book that I am offering on my website as I feel it is important to learn more about his teachings from a Native perspective. 

Prophesy foretold that in the Seventh Fire time there would be a "New People" who would seek the ancient wisdom in order "to help bring the human family back together again" and "to come into relationship with all life everywhere", including life in the cosmos. At this time, the traditional wisdom and truths of this Peace Shield drawing are to be offered to facilitate a greater understanding of the Great Creator's Divine Plan and to help restore peace and harmony upon our Mother Earth.

The cost of his newest book is $30 US; this includes shipping and he can accept PayPal payments at:


Here is an introduction to his new book:

Rainbow Eagle picture.png
New book picture.png
Rajatieto TV presents:
'Rainbow Eagle' Finland 2017

Rainbow Eagle's Vision
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