Property Realignment / House Clearing

Just like people, properties hold onto energy. As we live in our homes; life happens. We have emotional ups and downs; traumas, people pass away and the residual energy attaches to your home.
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All properties have their own Akashic Record which I access with the address remotely.

Additionally depending where you are in the world, your home may have been built on land that was assigned to a graveyard, battle field or sacred space.  Sometimes homes do not sell or rent due to the vibe they emit.

If you work from home; a property clearing can help your financial abundance. If you have just moved into a new home you may want to clear the energy of the previous inhabitants as what they left behind energetically will effect you.  

So if you are finding that:

  • You feel yourself becoming energetically sensitive to the place where you are living or working.

  • The space just doesn't feel quite "right".

  •  You have just moved in and want to clear the energies of previous residents.

  •  You are wanting to sell your property and having difficulty. 

For these reasons or your own personal reasons, doing a property clearing and realignment can make a big difference.


NOTE - The clearing and realignment also neutralizes EMF interference due to WIFI and Cell towers within the property/space. 

Working within the Akashic Records, I will clear and realign the property.  I then provide a written report that we can discuss, which will provide you with all of the information that I found about your property; what clearings were performed, and recommendations for any further cleansing work that you can do yourself that would be beneficial.


If you are financially (paying the rent) responsible for your home or work space, we can clear it. I do not need to see the property or meet with you to do this work.

I clear property for Realtors (with permission from the owner), home owners and tenants.