Shungite tiles can be applied to sore spots and kept for 10-15 minutes.

At the same time, the headache is noticeably weaker, the general fatigue is reduced, vigor and ease sets in. By applying the plate to chronically diseased organs, their recovery can be accelerated, if other treatments are also carried out. On the use of tiles in this case, you should consult with a specialist.


With the help of such tiles, the hand massage is also effective, which is based on the stimulation and regulation of biologically active points located on the palms. To carry out such a massage, it is enough to hold the tile in your hands, pressing lightly on it with your palms. A few minutes will be enough to feel the heat in your hands.


Interaction with shungite harmonizing calming effect on the body, restoring vigor, restoring stamina. With the help of shungite tiles, you can increase the shelf life of vegetables and fruits, any other food products, such as milk, butter. They are put on shungit tile for one hour, and then stored as usual. The ability of shungite to keep food fresh for a long time is especially important in the warm season, when traveling, when the food is out of the refrigerator for a long time, as well as during the harvest season and its storage for winter storage.

Shungite Stone Unpolished Tile 10x10cm (From Russia)