Diameter: 3 cm (1,18 inch) Thickness ≈ 0,3 cm (0,12 inch) Weight: 3 g


Shungite is probably one of the best natural substances on Earth that will help protecting from such frequencies as EMF fields, 5G, wi-fi and geopathic stress. Shungite pendants, bracelets and earrings can neutralize the most of an EMF radiation and not allow it to enter the soft tissue of the body.


Shungite enhances the growth of good cells in the body, as well as better brain function. Effects the cerebral part of your brain by helping the production of endorphin's enabling the body to calm and relax in most situations. The emotional part of our brain is also touched by the effects of shungite fullerenes, however if the emotional person doesn’t make a conscious decision to allow themselves to relax, then the shungite elements will have no strong affect on that part of the human body.


The best way to use shungite is to wear it on your person, on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter very much how you wear it. Shungite pendants are always a classic, but earrings and bracelets work just as well. Shungite pendant helps to equalize and to regulate the overall energy background.


A piece of shungite normalizes streaming of nervous process in human bodies, increases working capacity and nervous stability. Shungite pendants are helpful in thyroid gland diseases, vegetative vascular dystonia and reduced life tonus. Shungite is also used to protect against the Electro Magnetic Forces (EMF) emanated from electronic products in your home like your computer, TV, mobile phone, microwave etc.


Keeping some of these stones near the electronic equipment and you’ll be protected from these harmful EMF’s, as EMF is also considered to cause many diseases including cancer. These stones are also proved to helpful in psychic protection. It can be used to cleanse your body from any dysfunctional patterns or negative thoughts.


Experts recommend to place these stones in the affected area and you may notice quick resolution to the problem. If you need a complete healing or purification of your body, it is better to hold these stones in your hand or even better to wear these stones in the forms of chain, bracelets or pendants and then meditate for some time.


Make this practice of meditation along with the stones a routine task and you may see extra-ordinary as you’ll be largely relieved from stress and anxiety. You’ll also feel a lot more relaxed and can sense your energy levels have been boosted considerably.

Shungite OM pendant (From Russia)