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iTeraCare Device by Prife International


A team of more than 50 people in different parts of the world over a 10-year period have developed a very powerful natural healing device known as the Terahertz Wand.

However, many people have still not heard of this healing device that has been used for some 5 years. It has outstanding results in the field of health in over 30 different countries and counting.      Video: Will The Iteracare Wand Help With My Condition?

A new revolutionary product in the Health & Wellness industry:

New Terahertz Wand devices are using quantum scaler, quartz crystal, terahertz and FAR infrared technology to assist with a variety of health conditions.                        

The Terahertz wand has become very popular in the Canada and the United States where people are using them for all types of health issues including stiffness, soreness, pain, swelling, inflammation and much more. The "THZ" devices as they are also referred to assist the body with improving cellular function, detoxification, better circulation and a host of other benefits that when applied to the body are show promise is assisting with many health related issues.


Personal device is $385 US in Canada 

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Scientific papers, clinical trials, data & results on THz benefits:

Scientific proof on THz Healing effect through Stem Cell Stimulation benefits -By Dr. James Ong (Graduated from Monash University, Australia with a Bachelor in Economics & Bachelor of Laws and completed a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine)

THz Radiation Therapy: Scientific Evidence of Efficacy & Central Nervous System by Dr. Douglas Kong (Retired doctor from Singapore Private hospital)

Dr. Douglas Kong’s Bi-weekly scientific sharing on the Science of THz benefits on Natural well-being and Healing (Full Youtube Playlist)

Dr. Raafat, NeuroSurgeon neurologist shared the benefits of THz and Alternative Health

Scientic Explaination
How to use

Studies indicate that just 30 minutes of Terahertz therapy could provide the same benefits of receiving:

  • 10 acupuncture treatments

  • 40 massages

  • 10 moxibustion treatments

  • 20 cupping sessions

A typical massage will only penetrate 2 or 3 cm under the skin and most therapeutic devices used in clinics will reach 6 or 7 cm penetration.  However, the Terahertz therapy wand with a blowing action will quickly penetrate 20-30 cm (that’s almost a foot deep) under the skin, softening hard muscles and knots and even reaching right to the bones and bone marrow. This produces very deep healing and activates stem cells on a totally different level as never seen before in the realm of health care.  Some are saying it should be called the “miracle wand”!

Please be sure to use a genuine patented device as there are many fakes out that can be dangerous!

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